We were saddened and shocked by the news earlier this week of the death of Old Bancroftian Dr Natalie Christopher.

Astrophysicist Natalie, aged 35, sadly died in an accident whilst on holiday in Greece. She was a remarkable individual who achieved so much, not just academically but in terms of the campaigns about which she cared so passionately. In particular she worked tirelessly to bring the Greek and Turkish factions together in her home of Cyprus.

Following Bancroft's, Natalie attended Durham and Oxford Universities, achieving her PhD at the latter. She was a keen trail runner, rock climber and hiker as well as a dedicated social campaigner.

Natalie clearly made a strong impression during her days at Bancroft's. A member of staff described her as "One of the most spirited, independent and talented pupils I have ever known." Another commented, "Such sad news and such a waste of a bright young life,"

The Bancroft's Community is deeply saddened by her loss but also very proud of her achievements. Our thoughts and condolences are very much with her family and friends.