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OBA General Committee Meeting
Bancroft's School
Details 09 Sep 2019
Northern Dinner 2019
Rossett Hall Hotel
Details 05 Oct 2019 £32.00
Bancroft's Business Breakfast
Senate House, University of London
Details 10 Oct 2019 £20.00
OBA Annual Dinner
Bancroft's School
Details 18 Oct 2019 £35.00
Lord's Lunch
Lord's Cricket Ground
Details 29 Nov 2019 £140.00
Drapersí Hall
Details 17 Mar 2020
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EXIT About The New Interface
Why change?
If we split the website into two layers. Say, the actual databases which run the site as the DATA layer and the system which displays the screens in your browser as the PRESENTATION layer. The new design involved a complete rework of the presentation layer while using the existing data. Both designs therefore SHARE the same data.

It was felt that the design had remained the same for a number of years and was regarded as 'too busy' meaning that there was too much data on the screen at once. A simpler interface was specified and designed, while retaining as much of the content as possible in a cleaner format.

Are there any benefits?
Yes there are! Web technology has moved on since this site was launched and so have the browsers. Websites these days offer more dynamic content than they did a few years ago. We have greater compatibility and faster and more capable browsers.

The new interface takes advantage of this and uses some of the newer techniques available, it is still based on Javascript but also uses CSS3 for enhanced design and AJAX for server communication. This means that we can add many more features than was possible before. Uploading files is also now much more convenient and removes the need for pop-up boxes.

What if I have an older Browser?
If you are running the latest version of one of the five major browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera), then you will be fine. We also have an automatic compatibility pack which allows you to view the new features in IE7 and IE8, you do not need to do anything as it is automatically applied.

Unfortunately we no longer support IE6. If you still have IE6 then we recommend upgrading to IE7 as a minimum. If you experience any problems, please post on the website bulletin board - there is a topic set up already. If you really cannot use the new interface then we are still allowing access to the old interface, just bookmark this page:



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