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OBA Annual Dinner - cancelled
Bancroft's School
Details 16 Oct 2020 (£ TBA)
Northern Dinner - Cancelled
Rossett Hall Hotel
Details 07 Nov 2020 £32.00
Northern Dinner - Provisional
Rossett Hall Hotel
Details 27 Feb 2021 (£ TBA)
Old Bancroftians' Day
Bancroft's School
Details 04 Jul 2021
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EXIT PRINT CMS EDIT MAIL DISCUSS The aims of the Old Bancroftians Association
The OBA\'s objectives are enshrined in the following rules:
To encourage members world-wide to be actively in touch with each other, and to participate in OBA organised events and initiatives.
To maintain a strong relationship with and awareness of Bancroft\'s School, and encourage direct involvement between the School and members of the Association.
To promote the necessary organisation, and to undertake such actions as are considered necessary by the Committee in the pursuit of the above two objectives including, where appropriate, the provision of financial support.
The Old Bancroftians Network

This website has been designed to help fulfil the objectives of the Association. In addition, it supports the Officers of the Association in managing its affairs on a day to day basis by providing essential tools for the purposes of:   

Marketing the Association and the events that it runs or sponsors.
Communicating rapidly and economically with Old Bancroftians who are contactable electronically.
Managing the membership records.
Important Notice to all OBA Members
With immediate effect access to the OBA membership directory has been suspended. 
There is a change in Data Protection Law and the regulations for use of personal data. These regulations are monitored by The ICO (The Independent  Commissioners Office) see  https://ico.org.uk/. The ICO is the UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest, promoting openness by public bodies and data privacy for individuals.
The OBA along with Bancrofts School and the Bancrofts Foundation will in due course be contacting all stakeholders to ensure that we are compliant with these regulations and how we hold and use your personal data.
If you would like to make contact with other OBA members then please contact Susan Day in the OBA Office at Bancrofts School
Tel 020 8506 5714 or email susan.day@bancrofts.org
We apologise for this change which is necessary due to changes in the law as potentially we could be subject to significant financial penalties for non compliance and use of personal data.


Real Benefits from a Virtual Presence

In meeting these objectives, the OBA expects to achieve a number of benefits for the Association as a whole, individual members, and Bancroft\'s School. The most notable of these is the provision of an easily accessible and effective focal point for all Old Bancroftians, worldwide. This will help to enable a stronger, more active community.

This should lead to the following, more specific benefits:         

Increased awareness of and interest in the activities of the Association and its affiliates.
Increased participation in these activities.

This includes OBs making there views known through the discussions board so that the Officers of the Association can have a clearer idea of what OBs want from the Association.
Diversification of activities.

The community can potentially form new interest group as a result of improved communication and promotion on the site
Reduced costs of production and dissemination of information.

OBs can opt to use The Bancroftians\' Network with its extensive communications services as their main source of information or they can choose to continue to receive a periodic News letter. The OBA expects that the vast majority of OBs will opt exclusively for electronic communications.
Improved two-way communication with the membership

The OBA management can more easily provide information and canvas the views of the wider membership on matters of direct interest to the OBA and its members
Identification and accessibility of available resources.

Using the website, OBA Officers can access information and tap resources from within the membership in order to help the Association and the School

Being able to contact OBs quickly by email has already had a significant impact. OBA posts that need to be filled can be advertised immediately, and events like the annual Careers Forum at the school can be publicised effectively. For the latter, for example, when the event was first introduced 60 OBs had offered their services within a few days.
Improved accuracy and currency of membership records.

Members can log on to the site and update their own record directly.

Making their personal details accessible in this way, potentially improves accuracy of membership records. It also reduces the amount of administrative work involved for all concerned. In practice, there are several other ways in which administration time and cost are minimised.
Easy ways for members to contact each other.

It is easy to lose contact. We leave School and disperse. A meeting place on the Internet gives us all the possibility to make and maintain contact easily.

At this site an OB can find other OBs, and contact them using either published email addresses directly or using the site as proxy.  This latter mechanism enables OBs who wish, to protect their privacy more closely to still be in contact.


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